For over 10 years we have been helping people achieve the best versions of themselves. Through the years we have seen the evolution of CrossFit as a sport, fitness program and as a community. The benefits we have seen from functional fitness is truly amazing and intimidation as a program and as a gym is NEVER our goal.


  Our coaching style is both patient and eager, only wanting you to experience the same excitement and accomplished feeling that we felt when we first started and what we still feel to this day. it is an empowering feeling that will leave you wanting more and urging to know what is next, "what more can I do"?


 We have trained women and men, girls and boys of all ages and fitness levels. the degree of one's goal does not determine whether or not if our progrm will help you achieve your goal. It will help you. A good balance of fitness and healthy nutrition is a lifestyle choice and we are willing to help you every step of the way.


 We have helped student athletes get ready for their up coming season and maintain the level of fitness to be and stay competitive. We have prepared recruits mentally and physically for academy and boot camps. Parents and grandparents we have helped so they can keep up with children, grandchildren, and the busyness of every day life. We have helped people break out of their own selfmade shell to lose weight, get healthy and gain confidence to get out there and live life.  


 There are so many success stories over the past 10 years and we don't intend to stop anytime soon.


"The first step is the one you believe in, the second one might be profound"












NO  5&6pm on Friday




7 and 8 am classes


Open Gym 8-10am




Drop in $18.00

2x a week $110.00

3x a week $120.00

Unlimited $130.00


Give me a call,shoot me a text or email

Jesse Stanley